Ron Finley, The Guerrilla Gardener

Ron Finley is a badass. He works hard to create wellness awareness in urban environments by planting gardens in low-income homes, sidewalks, you name it. In particular he aims to turn ‘food deserts’ (urban areas with no access to organic foods) into ‘food forests’ using what is readily available in these areas: open space.


Imagine a world where lunchtime means foraging in your own neighborhood. Where city kids can have organic salads instead of Happy Meals. Better yet, these kids can eat the meals they helped to grow! As Ron puts it, “If kids grow kale, kids eat kale.”

We had the privilege of photographing Ron in his garden, which was an amazing experience. Thriving only begins to describe how much life is bursting from his sidewalk utopia. After the shoot he loaded us up with armfuls of greens and we got to experience firsthand the fruits of his labors. Did you know there was a mustard green that tastes exactly like wasabi? Neither did we!


People like Ron are making the world a better place, and inspiring others to do the same. The rest of us need to put our shovels where our mouths are and go “plant some shit!”

Check out Ron’s TED Talk:

Learn more about Ron’s projects at