Jiro Schneider’s ‘Leap of Faith’

We lent our dear friend Jiro Schneider a helping hand on his “Leap Of Faith” shoot last month.  Nothing like watching your pals take a 30 foot plunge. You can check out Jiro’s final images at the JNA Gallery at the Bergamont station in Santa Monica this month.

Check out the behind the scenes photos that Sones shot (that’s Rickett in the sexy scuba gear):

JiroShoot_BTS-1 JiroShoot_BTS-2 JiroShoot_BTS-3 JiroShoot_BTS-4 JiroShoot_BTS-5 JiroShoot_BTS-6 JiroShoot_BTS-7 JiroShoot_BTS-8 JiroShoot_BTS-9 JiroShoot_BTS-10 JiroShoot_BTS-11 JiroShoot_BTS-12 JiroShoot_BTS-13 JiroShoot_BTS-14 JiroShoot_BTS-15 JiroShoot_BTS-16 JiroShoot_BTS-17 JiroShoot_BTS-18 JiroShoot_BTS-19 JiroShoot_BTS-20 JiroShoot_BTS-21 JiroShoot_BTS-22 JiroShoot_BTS-23 JiroShoot_BTS-24 JiroShoot_BTS-25 JiroShoot_BTS-26 JiroShoot_BTS-27