Sonia and I directed a music video for Shepard Fairey’s new music project NØISE (his collaboration with Merritt Lear, Joe Cassidy and John Goff).

Shot on location at Harvard & Stone in Hollywood, CA, in collaboration with Anthem Films, DP Bryant Jansen, stylist Anna Su, hair and makeup by Morgan Silva, and producers Nicholas Desantis and Derek Dale.

Read an article about the video on PITCHFORK

Shepard talks about the project on OBEY GIANT


BEHIND THE SCENES (photos by Taren Maroun):

rickett_sones_NØISE_BTS-1 rickett_sones_NØISE_BTS-2 rickett_sones_NØISE_BTS-3 rickett_sones_NØISE_BTS-4 rickett_sones_NØISE_BTS-5 rickett_sones_NØISE_BTS-6 rickett_sones_NØISE_BTS-7 rickett_sones_NØISE_BTS-8 rickett_sones_NØISE_BTS-9 rickett_sones_NØISE_BTS-10 rickett_sones_NØISE_BTS-11 rickett_sones_NØISE_BTS-12