One of our current career highlights was shooting a book for Tim & Eric. A whole book!  We’re practically best selling authors now!  Shooting with T&E is always awesome, they are truly geniuses and it is an honor to work with them. We basically get paid to laugh all day and then we get to brag about it later, to the three people who look at our blog.

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The Truth About Neil Strauss


Neil Strauss is a renaissance man.  I first met Neil back when he was living The Game, way before the term “pickup artist” became a cultural meme.  I went to more than a few parties at the Hollywood Hills house where a lot of that story went down.  We became friends back then and we have both evolved to become artists a lot different than those kids who partied together in Hollywood.

As the years went on we lost contact but as fate would have it we both ended up living on the same street in Malibu (he moved there, I moved there, we literally ran into each other on the beach one day).  It was a very surreal and magical time for me and Sones, and getting back in touch with Neil was part of that magic.  He is a very inspiring person and we are grateful to know him.  He is literally the most driven artist I have ever known, his control over his own reality is astounding.

In his new book The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships, Neil exposes himself and the transformation he went through in order to save his relationship with Ingrid, his wife.  Sonia and I were there for a lot of that.  In just the same way that I was orbiting Neil’s life during The Game, Sonia and I were orbiting Neil’s universe during The Truth as well.

It is with great pride that I get to share these images we shot of our friend Neil Strauss, to promote his new book.  I have always looked up to Neil and his self-mastery, and I have been bugging him for a long time about shooting a portrait.  The right moment finally came and we were able to make some magic together.

- Rickett

rickett_sones_rickettland_neil_strauss_2neil strauss



More about Neil and The Truth:







We were a little chagrined when we arrived in Tulum and our old favorite restaurant Casa Banana, which was authentic and quaint when we last visited, had turned into a full-on New York club scene with fashionistas and pop music blasting.  We heard that the secret was out but we never imagined this would happen!

But, we quickly learned how to avoid the Tulum hipster scene and find the same magical experience we had the first time around.

Magical indeed.  We found new ruins, new cenotes, and new restaurants, but those same old Caribbean vibes still abound. And that water, don’t get us started on that water…


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So excited for our latest portrait with the beautiful and talented Jane Anne Thomas.  A definite star on the rise, she is one to keep your eye on.

Thanks a trillion to the lovely Meagan Judkins and Veronica Chanel, last minute, late night shoots have really become our specialty. More to come!


Behind the Scenes:


See more images from this shoot in our gallery.


Stumbled upon this abandoned water park (Rock-A-Hoola) on our way home from Las Vegas a few days ago. Not even the 110 degree heat could stop us from pulling over to document this place…what a find!



We just found out that we have been chosen as a contender in the Hey, Hot Shot! international photography competition.  The good folks at Hey, Hot Shot! just posted a really nice blog post about Ryan’s latest personal project “Dume Gloom”.

We have been fans of Jen Bekman’s projects for a while now, and purchased more than a few pieces of art from her various galleries, so it is an honor to be a contender in Hey, Hot Shot!