We recently sat down with Ryland Blackinton, for an in-depth interview in an attempt to gain a glimpse into the the mind of the genius behind the man that is Ryland Backinton…reader discretion is advised…

R&S: Is Ryland Blackinton your real name?
RB: Yea, I was born Ryland Sharp, then my mother remarried and I was legally adopted by her husband when I was six. I’ve been Ryland Blackinton ever since.

R&S: Which one of your 60 million fans is your favorite?
RB: My mother

R&S: Are you rich?
RB: Absolutely

R&S: Does your guitar have a name?
RB: No

R&S:  What is your favorite note?

R&S: What is the worst thing you’ve ever done onstage?
RB: I did a play in college about these two affluent gay teenagers who commit murder and get off on it and ultimately discover they’re in love with each other. It was really heavy material for a cast as under-rehearsed as ours. There was a scene where I had to make out with the other guy, but we put it off until dress rehearsals. Bad move. It was a very rushed, messy and unrealistic moment of performance for me. I feel bad for anyone who saw it.

R&S: Would you start a band with Paul McCartney if he insisted that you both had to play naked?
RB: Wow, tough call! …… Yes

R&S: If you were trapped on a desert island with Tom Petty would it be heaven or hell?
RB: Pure heaven

R&S: What’s the fastest you can play your guitar?
RB: Nirvana – Come As You Are. THAT fast

R&S: If you had to tattoo one album cover on your back what would it be?
RB: The White Album

R&S: If you lost both your arms would you learn to play with your feet or would you just be a baby and quit?
RB: Baby

R&S:  Why don’t you have a Facebook page?
RB: I already feel sufficiently ‘connected’

R&S:  Who would be your ultimate Fight Club opponent?
RB: Abraham Lincoln (pre-vampire hunter)

R&S:  Where would you take Jeff Lynn on a date?
RB: Dave and Busters (on MDMA)

R&S:  Rickett or Sones?


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