We spent a week in New York directing a couple of Perrier spots for their new campaign “District Perrier.”  It was a lot of work and great fun.  Our amazing team helped us pull off something magical.  Special thanks to A76 Productions, 11st Workshop and Ogilvy!



Sets being made at 11st Workshop

Sones checking out the goods
rickett_sones_perrier_bts-2‘Singing in the Rain’
rickett_sones_perrier_bts-3Foggy Manhattan Skyline

SHOOT DAY 1 - Loading in at Cinema World (Brooklyn)
rickett_sones_perrier_bts-5Sones going over the storyboards with the amazing AD Shad Melvin

rickett_sones_perrier_bts-6Sets going up!  rickett_sones_perrier_bts-7 rickett_sones_perrier_bts-8 rickett_sones_perrier_bts-9 Lighting up the parlor set
rickett_sones_perrier_bts-10 Shad helping our hand model balance for the first shot of the dayrickett_sones_perrier_bts-11 Shooting inserts on the barrickett_sones_perrier_bts-12 rickett_sones_perrier_bts-13 Setting up for the first establishing shot of the parlor (Red Dragon on the dolly)rickett_sones_perrier_bts-14 rickett_sones_perrier_bts-15 rickett_sones_perrier_bts-16 SHOOT DAY 2
rickett_sones_perrier_bts-17 Rickett & Sones sit in their custom made director chairsrickett_sones_perrier_bts-18 rickett_sones_perrier_bts-19 rickett_sones_perrier_bts-20 Sones and producer Colleen Miller hanging out in the back alleyrickett_sones_perrier_bts-21DP Jeffrey Kim patiently waits for Rickett to stop taking iPhone photosrickett_sones_perrier_bts-22 Colleen and Sones calling the shotsrickett_sones_perrier_bts-23 Actors Hope Watson and Daniel Reece waiting for their first shotrickett_sones_perrier_bts-24 Sones in quiet contemplationrickett_sones_perrier_bts-25 rickett_sones_perrier_bts-26 Art Director Matthew Soltesz and the Sonesrickett_sones_perrier_bts-27 Hope getting her hair did by Damian Monzillo, Misuzu Miyake setting up for makeuprickett_sones_perrier_bts-28 Ogilvy creatives Robert Balog and Jeff Leaf checking out the goodsrickett_sones_perrier_bts-29 Directors Gone Wild (photo courtesy of Robert Balog)rickett_sones_perrier_bts-30-1 Sones giving direction to the hilarious actor Richard Saudek (the Mime) rickett_sones_perrier_bts-31 Jeffrey Kim still waiting for Rickett to get his shit togetherrickett_sones_perrier_bts-32 Actors patiently waiting for the shot (it’s been a looooong day)rickett_sones_perrier_bts-33 The beautiful Hope Watson getting in character for Colleen & Sonesrickett_sones_perrier_bts-34 rickett_sones_perrier_bts-35 rickett_sones_perrier_bts-36 rickett_sones_perrier_bts-37 Sones aka “Ivy Wrangler”rickett_sones_perrier_bts-39Sones, Colleen and Rickett, wrapped and maybe a little bit frazzled (hence Rickett’s hair)


Rickett & Sones are now being repped by the (ahem) wonderful people at Wonderful Machine, and already they have been, well, wonderful!  This week they featured a shoot we did on their blog, check it out.  We are overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled by how great everyone at Wonderful Machine has been.